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Chelsea Link recently graduated from Harvard University, where she studied History & Science with a focus in the history of medicine. She is a panelist for NonProphet Status, and has contributed to blogs such as the Interfaith Youth Core and Social Action Massachusetts. She has also left a trail of abandoned blog detritus in her wake, ranging from Sewage & Syphilis to The Unelectables. While at school, she served as both the Vice President of Outreach of the Harvard Secular Society and the President of the Harvard College Interfaith Council. Now that she’s graduated, she is a full-time Adult Impersonator, complete with an apartment (in the People’s Republic of Cambridge, Massachusetts), a job (as the Campus Organizing Fellow at the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard), and an automobile (a sassy red one named Sofia Vercara). In her spare time, Chelsea runs bone marrow drives as a Volunteer Ambassador for the National Marrow Donor Program. She also enjoys cooking while pretending she’s on Top Chef, adores word games of all kinds (and was once the President of the illustrious Harvard College Crossword Society), and tends to kill the mood at parties by unnecessarily reciting Shakespeare.

2 Responses to About the Author

  1. steve says:

    i commend your reading of the bible for a year as an atheist (and i’m serious too)…its no different than me, a believer, condemning darwinism or evolution having never read the origin of species. anyway, perhaps give some thought into reading the bible with an opportunisitic, non-judgemental perspective…you may begin to see some truth, righteousness, love, and not total foolishness…

    maybe you will, maybe not….but its definitely worth a try (i know it made much more sense once i approached my reading of the bible with an investigative seriousness)


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