Unleavened Eggcellence

Happy Eastover!

1) Exciting news for my ego – this blog is currently featured on FlyBy, the Harvard Crimson’s blog! Huge thanks to my friend Seth Riddley for pitching the story to them. Not only does he belong to History & Science (the best major), he also spends his spare time working with Harvard Smiles, an organization dedicated to promoting mental health on campus. While he is busy destigmatizing discussion about emotional challenges, I sit around drinking tea and making fun of the Bible. Seth is a better person than I am.

2) As mentioned in the FlyBy piece, I will be speaking at morning prayers at Memorial Church in Harvard Yard tomorrow (Monday) morning. It’s a fifteen-minute service, from 8:45-9:00. If you are a Harvard student and/or you happen to live in the Cambridge area, please come! I would love to see some friendly faces in the pews!

3) I’ll be writing my church talk (sermon…?) today instead of babbling about the Bible. So, both as a consolation prize and in order to welcome the Elijah Bunny as an adult in the Jewish community, I am hereby announcing the second-ever and first-actually-achievable Challenge of Biblical Proportions!

*drum roll*

I have hidden an Easter egg somewhere on this website. I don’t mean an “Easter egg” in the sense that technically competent computer whizzes use that term. I mean a literal picture of an Easter egg that I clumsily drew in Paint just now. The first person who emails me at BloggingBiblically@gmail.com with the location of the egg will win the grand prize: everlasting fame and glory, a certificate of accomplishment, and a candy bar. Much like the Biblical God, depending on whom you ask, the grand prize is triune: it has three components, but they are all blended together into one delicious compound. But don’t try to eat the certificate of accomplishment. It will be made of paper. Only eat the candy bar. But not the wrapper it comes in. Also, EVERYBODY who finds the egg and reports its location to me by the next time I post will get an honorable mention on the blog! So that’s like getting the everlasting fame and glory part without the other two-thirds of the Holy Prize Trinity. Which is still pretty cool!

Happy hunting!


One Response to Unleavened Eggcellence

  1. jeweliann says:

    Hey Chelsea–my name’s Jeweliann–was directed here by the flyby article.
    I enjoyed reading your posts in the HCFA/HSS summer reading project! Just wanted to say I think it’s cool that you’re doing this. Also, there is a recently formed discussion group called Reason and Religion that I thought might interest you. They meet on Mondays from 6-7pm in the Eliot JCR. Tonight’s discussion will be on the resurrection–particularly looking at reasons why millions believe in this miracle.

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