Hey all! Drowning in school work, as per usual. Look out for a post tomorrow on The Unelectables and NonProphet Status covering the Reason Rally, which I attended last weekend instead of doing my homework. To tide you over – and to appease anybody who might be laboring under the misconception that I am more critical of religious arguments than I am of atheistic ones – enjoy this fantastic piece by the Rogue Priest.

  Rogue Priest

In this post I’m going to try to construct a rather nuanced point, that requires more than two steps of logical reasoning to get from the premises to the conclusion.

I’m told that people have a hard time following such reasoning, but I have a lot of faith in Rogue Priest readers so I’m going to try it anyway.

The Problem

As the the current atheist movement has grown—which is a good thing, bully for them—it has experienced the same growing pains as any movement.

One of which is a few loudmouthed assholes talking like they lead the whole darn parade.

These assholes have made it increasingly common for atheist books, blogs and discussion boards to say things like:

Religion causes wars and genocide.

I’ll never know why a smart atheist would try arguments like this. Atheists have a shiny, beautiful win button they can use any time. If you’re…

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